For VR viewing; Originally made for the Iziko Planetarium

Inside Out is an abstract journey exploring the relationship between the outside world and the inner world of the mind. We furnish our minds with the rich topography of what we see outside ourselves — but to what extent do our inner worlds affect the external world? The production challenges the assumption that this influence is unilateral. As the narrative unfolds, the boundary between outside and inside blurs, until eventually they coalesce. Through projection of a constructed world, the experience relies on the mind’s propensity for projection of the psyche to expose the interdependence of the two realms. 

Commissioned by The Centre for Curating the Archive (UCT) and Iziko Museums SA. Created with Adam Oosthuizen (Reality Garage), Ché Coelho and Ross Eyre (Arkology).

I contributed towards the concept, directing, filming, animation, compositing, and colour grading.