DELIVER ME (Documentary Film)

My grade for a beautiful local documentary, DELIVER ME. It was refreshing to work on a story that is so sensitive, contemplative, and at times surreal.  The biggest challenge here was massaging the heavily compressed Sony A7 S-Log2 footage for optimal colour and contrast, while taming the noise and saturation tearing.
“This film is a poetic meditation on the migration of a Malawian man, who has come to South Africa to find a future for himself and his family. We follow Paul Mwasi through the evening streets, restaurants and suburbs he navigates as an Uber delivery bike rider, during the coronavirus hard lockdown in Cape Town, South Africa.” Featuring Paul Mwasi Director: @jannous.aukema DOP: @elijahndoumbe Sound Technician: @denise_1n Editor: Cathryn Meyburg Producers: @mharperarts, @jannous.aukema, @paper_cranescpt