PUPIL is the alias for all my digital visual work.

This includes three distinct fields, namely Colour Grading, Content Creation and Event Visuals:

My colour grading work includes music videos, short films, online ads, stock footage and TV commercials. I have graded more than 15 000 video clips shot on RED, ARRI and SONY cameras. My main objective with every project is to establish the mood.

My original content is premised on synaesthesia, and mainly shot on the iPhone 8 and 10 using OlloClip Macro lenses. This footage is edited in Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, After Effects or Resolume to suit the needs of the particular project.

I make or composite visuals for a variety of events ranging from outdoor music festivals to big brand activations. The visuals are usually controlled live either through a MIDI controller or microphone, while some projects require self-sufficient installations.

I am based in Johannesburg, but most of my projects are remote.